Don’t Run from Pain: Why You Need to Grieve Your Losses

Life hurts. Sometimes terribly. Oh I know. Four years with chronic illness has taught me that. Things happen in life. Chronic illness is diagnosed. Physical and mental ability are majorly decreased. Pain and disability become a normal part of life. We can no longer do the things we loved. Jobs are lost. Relationships fall apart. [...]

Chronic Illness Can’t Steal Your Hope

Extreme weakness. Debilitating fatigue. Severe pain. Multiple other symptoms. Every day. For years. Emotional grief and depression. Mental struggles. Spiritual struggles and warfare. Disappointments. Relationship tension and social isolation. Missing out. Crushed hopes and dreams. Uncertain future. These are some of the hard things I have faced and experienced while living with serious chronic illness. [...]

When a Major Crisis Hits – Learning to Trust God in Scary Circumstances

Four weeks ago, a major crisis hit my family. I was laying awake, unable to sleep. At midnight I heard my Dad's voice outside my bedroom door - he was talking on the phone. Over the next half hour or so the phone rang several times, and I heard people moving about. Then I heard [...]

What to Remember in Times of Crisis and Suffering

I know that there are many challenges that come with chronic or long term illness. Often the physical pain and suffering, though they are huge, can seem like just a small part of it. All areas of life are affected. Physical suffering causes emotional struggles, which in turn causes more physical pain. Chronic illness creates [...]