What If?

Note: These thoughts came together rapidly about a month ago as I was struggling yet again to see God’s perspective on my suffering. They came as I explored in my mind the possibility that my trials were really a mark of God’s favour upon me and proof of His great love for me, not to the contrary as some would have us believe, and the fact that He is the answer to every single struggle I face and question I have. I hope as you read your heart is stirred and encouraged and your eyes are opened to see a little more of God’s heart for you behind your suffering.

What if suffering was a mark of God’s favour upon me?

What if in my suffering I could know Him more?

What if pain was an avenue through which I could experience God’s comfort and love?

What if my weakness was really my greatest strength?

What if “unanswered” prayers and closed doors opened the way for something far better?

What if crushed dreams and unfulfilled desires awakened in me greater desires and dreams that my eyes cannot yet see?

What if my hunger and thirst in this dry, weary land drove me to the One who alone truly satisfies?

What if my need for wisdom drove me to the source of wisdom?

What if joy was removed from everything else so I might find it in His presence alone?

What if hurt and betrayal led me to the true Friend who never goes away?

What if in loneliness I could know the One who is infinitely near?

What if it was in the dark places I found the Light?

What if in brokenness I found the Healer of my heart?

What if in my questions and doubts I found the One who is the Answer?

What if in all the bad there was One who is always Good?

What if in my hopeless I found Hope?

What if in my loss I found someone who is infinitely More?

What if the pain in this life set my sights on a far better one to come?

What if the mountains were there so I could watch Him move them?

What if weakness was the platform from which His power and glory could be displayed?

What if dying to myself was the only way I could find true Life?

What if the scars were marks by which I could remember God’s faithfulness and testify of His grace?

What if the trials and struggles I face are actually God’s blessings in disguise?

“For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;” 2 Corinthians 4:17 

With love, ❤


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