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Hi there friend,

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I am so glad that God brought you here!

My name is Caitlin, I am in my early twenties and live in the beautiful Yarra Valley near Melbourne in south eastern Australia with my parents and eight younger siblings. I first trusted Christ as Saviour when I was six, and then confirmed it at fourteen after struggling a lot with doubts about whether I was truly saved. It was at that point that I really began to know God for myself (as opposed to just knowing “about” Him) and have a personal relationship with Him. At eighteen I struggled a lot again in different ways and the Lord called me to surrender my life fully to Him, a step I have never regretted taking. The following year my health began to dramatically decline and as 2016 began I found myself grappling with doctors appointments, countless tests, much loss and misunderstanding, and a body that got sicker and sicker in spite of everything we tried to do. A year later I was so sick I had to go to hospital where I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and Fibromyalgia (later Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome was added as well). Though there have been some improvements, I’ve been bed bound since.

I know life can be pretty hard at times and it can be easy to feel discouraged and hopeless. This blog is here to provide encouragement, refreshment and perspective for those treading the hard places of life. Even if you are in a place of blessing but just need a little refreshment and reminder of what truly matters, or a young lady desiring to grow in your walk with the Lord, I hope you will find those things here. Most of all this blog is here to point you to Jesus, the One who can and will meet your needs if you’d run to Him with them.

In addition to Jesus, some of the things I love are discipling younger girls, talking about the Lord with friends, bush walks, travelling, beautiful scenery (especially mountains), my family and friends, chocolate, bunny rabbits, books (especially old ones!), writing, history (in no particular order). 🙂

Because of my health I cannot guarantee consistency with these posts but I shall endeavour to write as often as the Lord allows me to. I hope you enjoy reading and that you leave here encouraged and desiring more of God in your life. Wishing you His blessing!

With love, ❤


P.S. Many of my articles are written with brain fog, fatigue, pain, and other symptoms, so please graciously bear with me, and forgive what evidences of this that there might be.

P.S.S. I just wanted to mention also that the music videos shared on this blog do not necessarily mean I endorse the artists or their other music. They’re simply songs that bless and encourage me and I share them in hopes that they would do the same for you too.