Blog Tour Diamonds 2020: A Free Conference for Chronically Ill Christians

Last year I met a lot of people struggling with their health. As I began to recover myself, the Lord seemed to bring person after person like this across my path, and I began to realize that I was not alone as a chronically ill young person - many people around me and around the [...]

Book Review: He’s Making Diamonds & Special Announcement!!

He's Making Diamonds by Sara Willoughby, published 2018 by S.G. Willoughby. He's Making Diamonds is a non-fiction book written by a chronically ill teen for chronically ill teens, about wrestling with life and faith through chronic illness. People with chronic illness often feel alone and even lost, unsure of where to turn and what to [...]

What to Remember in Times of Crisis and Suffering

I know that there are many challenges that come with chronic or long term illness. Often the physical pain and suffering, though they are huge, can seem like just a small part of it. All areas of life are affected. Physical suffering causes emotional struggles, which in turn causes more physical pain. Chronic illness creates [...]