Blog Tour Diamonds 2020: A Free Conference for Chronically Ill Christians

Last year I met a lot of people struggling with their health. As I began to recover myself, the Lord seemed to bring person after person like this across my path, and I began to realize that I was not alone as a chronically ill young person – many people around me and around the world struggle in similar ways. The Lord opened my eyes to see that there are many of us facing and wrestling through impossible trials every day because of our health (or lack thereof!). My heart goes out to these people because I have been there, done that, lived that, and still do to some degree. We all of us, whether chronically ill or not, need to be reminded daily of what is true, what truly matters, and where our hope is (in God!)

That is why I am excited about Diamonds 2020!

What is Diamonds 2020?

Diamonds is an annual online conference geared towards chronically ill people, but relevant for anyone, no matter what hard things you may be walking through. It is an opportunity to come, meet and fellowship with like-minded people, and be encouraged and strengthened in God.  

When is Diamonds 2020?

Diamonds 2020 is THIS WEEK!! – the last weekend in January — from Thursday the 23rd through Saturday the 25th (or if you live in Australia, Friday 24 through Sunday 26). You can join live for as much as you are able, and if you miss anything because of illness or other commitments or time zone issues, you will still be able to view the session recordings. So don’t let those things keep you from signing up!! 

Who is speaking at Diamonds 2020?

This year we have even more speakers, and each of these amazing people has a special message of hope and compassion to share with you out of their own experiences with long-term illness. Some are well known ministry leaders like Joni Earekson Tada, Bethany Beal, and Pamela Piquette; others are authors and bloggers like Tessa Emily Hall, Esther Smith,and Sara Willoughby; and others are every day people, all of whom battle chronic illness and are joining us to share sessions around our theme – Fighting Together – relationships in the midst of chronic illness. 

What are they speaking about?

My own journey with CFS/ME has made me think about what truly matters in life, and I have come to the conviction that life ultimately is about relationships. Relationship with God first and foremost – we were created to know and love Him and be loved by Him. And secondly, relationships with each other. We were created to love and be in relationship with each other! But because of sin and the brokenness in and around us, our relationships are often messy, complicated, and painful. Add a chronic illness into the mix and healthy relationships can seem almost impossible. We all need tremendous grace and wisdom from God in order to navigate this area. That is why a conference like Diamonds 2020 is so important.

Some of the session topics include . . .

  • Relationship with God in chronic illness
  • How God can redeem your loneliness
  • No shame in sharing
  • Relationships with people who aren’t chronically ill
  • Relationships with siblings
  • Migraines and relationships
  • Benefits of suffering
  • Etc.

We will also be doing Q&A sessions so come ready with your questions!

What does Diamonds 2020 cost?

Because we know that many chronically ill warriors face burdensome medical bills, and because our goal is to uplift instead of adding just one more thing, Diamonds 2020 is 100% free. 😀 

Where is Diamonds 2020?

You don’t need to go anywhere! Diamonds 2020 is completely online. We know that traveling with an illness is difficult, so we want to bring this right to you — even if you’re in a hospital bed or are housebound. I was able to attend last year’s conference, even though I was bed-bound. If you can’t make it for the whole conference, you can watch the recorded sessions later. Yay! 😀 

Register for Diamonds 2020 for free here!

Diamonds Study Guide!

Also, be sure to download the Diamonds 2020 Study Guide as an ebook for free on Amazon, or order a paperback copy for 5.99. The study guide includes the main points from each session, recommended Scriptures to help you dig into the Word for yourself, questions about the session to help you think it through for yourself, and recommended resources to help you take the topic further.


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Lastly, be sure to ENTER THE GIVEAWAY  to win a cheerleading/mentor session with Sara Willoughby or a paperback copy of He’s Making Diamonds by Sara Willoughby! Seriously, who wouldn’t want to try for that! 😉 

But what if I’m not chronically ill exactly?

You can still come! Please do! Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether they’re chronically ill or not. Many of the truths that help us in chronic illness apply to other trials and hard situations in life as well. Sara answers this question beautifully here on her blog. Also, if you know someone who is struggling with chronic illness, this conference will help you know how to better support and love them through it.

Other Important Things to Know…

You might also want to follow Diamonds 2020 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

When you register for the conference, you will also have the opportunity to join the private Diamonds community for fellowship with other conference attendees and staff.

Okay, ready to register for Diamonds 2020? Do so TODAY at this link. 😀 

If you know someone who might be encouraged by this conference, please share this with them!



I may not necessarily endorse everything in Diamonds 2020, but I am involved because I believe in the heart of the ministry – to encourage and support hurting people, because I recognize that I need to be reminded of hope myself, because I desire to raise awareness about the reality of chronic illness, and because I desire to encourage and support others who are struggling. ❤ 

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