I Want to Hear from You!

I am so humbled that the Lord would graciously allow me to write this blog. I know that suffering is a huge thing, and there are many who know so much more of it then I do… I don’t have all the answers, but thankfully we can, as Christ’s body, learn and grow together with Him.

This blog is still very new, and I feel like I’m still very much figuring it out – what is the best way to communicate on here, and what sort of things to write about, etc.

That’s why…

I would love to hear from you!

How can this blog best be an encouragement to you as you walk with Jesus, and probably wrestle with chronic illness or some other form of suffering? What sort of topics would you like to see written about here? –  Encouragement from the Word? Personal stories and testimonies? Chronic illness? Suffering? Living with chronic illness? Something else?

What do you like or not like about what I have so far in terms of topics, writing style, etc.?

Please comment below and share your thoughts! I would love to know how I can best serve you. 🙂

Thank you!!

With love, ❤


2 thoughts on “I Want to Hear from You!

  1. Cait, thanks for your blog. I like the way you share the realness of what you are learning, the encouragement of letting the Lord do what He needs to do, the struggle of submitting to His will and our humanity. Keep it real. Thanks Cait.


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