Welcome Friend…

Welcome to At His Feet, a blog born out my own relationship with Jesus Christ and battle with chronic illness. I know life can be difficult and it can be hard to see clearly beyond our pain, to keep truth before our eyes, to cling to hope when there seems to be none.

I am in my early twenties, and have been battling several severe chronic illnesses for two and a half a years. I went from a busy life of ministry to being bed-bound. I know what it is to have my world fall down beneath me, to see hopes and dreams shattered before my eyes, to say goodbye to life as I knew it. But though it is very painful and hard, I can say for sure that God is my strength and has poured out His abundant grace in my life.

At His Feet is name drawn from Luke 10 where Mary, a friend of Jesus, is described as sitting at Jesus’ feet and hearing His words (vs 39). After being rebuked by her sister Martha for not helping her serve, Jesus replied that in reality she had chosen that good part that would not be taken away from her (vs 42). Illness has given me a blessed opportunity to do just that, to sit at His feet and learn from Him, and this blog is a place to share the treasures there gained with you.

At Jesus’ feet we gain perspective and are able to see life (yes, that includes suffering) from His point of view. It is there that we find comfort for our hearts and healing for our hurts. It is there that we fix our eyes on Him and find the strength to carry us through whatever we are called to walk through. It is there that we realize how much He loves us, and how much we really can trust Him.

I do not know what has caused you to stumble upon this little blog. I do not know what you’re going through right now, but I believe God has brought you here for a reason. Perhaps you’ve been given a diagnosis that has turned your world upside down and you’ve found yourself facing a very uncertain future. Perhaps you’re struggling to adjust to the major changes chronic illness brings into your life. Perhaps you’re not ill yourself, but dearly love and care for someone who is. Perhaps you’re in the middle of some other trial that is testing you to the utmost and you feel so weary and discouraged, and unable to go on.

No matter what you’re going through, I pray that each post would be an invitation to rise up and come away with Jesus, to sit at His feet and receive the treasures He longs to give you. Dear friend, I encourage you to run to Jesus that you might, like me, find the strength, comfort and perspective that come from sitting at His feet.

“My Beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.” Song of Solomon 2:10

With love,


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